What Mode do You Like Best in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 has been online for more than one year. We’ve gone through so many good memories and unforgettable moments in the game. Although it has attracted so many players all over the world, blizzard never stop to complete and perfect the game. The PvP part has been added this year to enrich the game world. Paragon level and inferno level can meet needs of players who like challenges. With so many wonderful content in diablo 3, which mode is your favorite?


Normal Mode

It is the first and most common mode players have enjoyed in the game. You can start your dangerous journey here. A lot of bosses and unexpected things are waiting for you to discover and conquer. Most players want to loot legendary items and gears in the normal mode. After reaching level 60, more exciting things are prepared for you. Inferno level and paragon level are more challengeable and dangerous. The biggest advantage in normal mode is that you can come to life when you get killed. Your gears and diablo 3 gold will be remained to your account. While, it is another story in Hardcore.



For some skilled players, softcore can’t meet their needs anymore. They want to experience something more breathtaking. Hardcore is designed for such players with its permanent death system. Whether you like HC or not, you have to admit that it has ignited many players’ passion for the game. HC players are dying and creating new characters. Although it is so difficult for them to level up, a simple progress can bring them a great sense of achievement. Gold and gears are not the most important thing and pursuit for them any more. How to survive longer is the first thing they should care about. What they do is to experience and enjoy the current moment. No one knows where is the end of their journey. But it is just this kind of un-expectation that keep their desires to this game.


Both normal mode and hard code have their advantages and disadvantages. Different people have different experience and like different things. What you like most maybe others’ hated thing. So, we can’t say normal mode is better and more interesting than HC and vice verse. It is up to you to decide which mode is your favorite. Join us and show your idea.

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