What do You Treasure Most in Multiplayer Game

Recently, Blizzard has put great emphasis on multiplayer mode especially the release of new patch 1.0.8. I believe most d3 players have experienced this new mode in the game. How do you think about it? And what do you treasure most in multiplayer game, more diablo 3 gold, less difficulty or the friendship with your allies?

Bonus to MF, GF and XP

You may think that solo is more efficient and easy to level up. But now you can get higher chance to farm gold, awesome items and get more XP. One player mean 10% bonus to magic find, gold find and XP. 4 players are limited as high as 30% bonus in the multiplayer game. If you lack of game currency and items, joining the multiplayer game is a good way for you to farm what you want in a short time.


Less difficulty

For those experienced d3 players, they may want to solo since they are capable enough to handle mobs. But this is another story for green hands who always have some problems during solo. Some of them can’t go further without help of others. So, if you have same question, hurry to find a team and ask skilled players to bring you forward. There are also advantages for capable players, for example, you can farm faster than solo.


Friendship with your teammates

Many players put diablo 3 down since it gets boring and lonely. Solo means you just face all dangers and adventures by youself. You have no one to share experience and no one to protect you or send you some gold when necessary. But in multiplayer game, all these can be changed. You can even discuss life and other trivial things with your teammate. What you get is not just an ally in the game but a friend sharing the same interesting and goal with you. What a cool thing it is! We won’t be lonely and helpless any more.

Your most treasured thing in multiplayer game

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