The Drop rate of Demonic Essence

Every d3 player wants to get better gears and items. But it is hard to upgrade when you reach a certain point. Some of players just choose to buy them from online stores or Auction House. But it will not only cost you money but also lead you lose the motivation and fun of playing the game. It is true that a certain amount of players have left the game since they have achieved a certain degree and it is so difficult to move forward. How to deal with question is a big problem for Blizzard. Recently, more and more topics in the official forum appear to require the game company to raise the droprate of monster essence.


Why the droprate of demonic essence should be increased

The only way for legit players to get upgrades after a very high level with good gears is to craft. Only when you have extremely good luck can you get what you want. But most players just do efforts without gains. They need a huge amount of essences. But the majority players can get only 40 per hour and need to spend much time and energy to farm Vota repeatedly which is very boring. The very reason to cause that is because that the rate of demonic essence is simply too low. Players lose their patience and confidence to get the appointed essence by the monotonous farming. So they complain that the rate doesn’t scale and then leave the game with pity and complaints. It would be so nice if the rate is 10% per monster power.


The way to solve this problem

Many ways are raised by players to solve this problem. And the most reliable one in my point of view is that make the drop rate for essence be dependent on your magic find, which is suggested by a player named Kyrone#1711 The following is his topic and way to handle this problem. Of course, if you have any good idea, you can post trend on official site to email to Blizzard. We love diablo 3 and don’t hope it dies. So, let’s rack our brains to raise some good ways to perfect the game.

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